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My world was changed forever when my daughter was born 32 years ago today

Getting to know my new grandson "Ike" Thorp


This is Justin when he was about two months old.

 It's official that our new grandchild is going to be a boy.  Our son Justin and his wife are keeping their name choices under wraps, but have chosen his working name while we all wait for him to be born in July.  It's Dwight or "Ike."

I've been thinking a lot about this new addition to our family and what he needs to ask his dad as he grows and gets to know his very special parents.  For his dad, "Ike" needs to ask:

  • If he was the one to cut his umbilical cord.  It's a perfect chance for Justin to whip out his latest device to look up the job of the cord during pregnancy and then to describe what it was like to make that big cut.  By the way, he needs to know that I cut my son's umbilical cord.
  • If Justin is Mac or PC.  It's a foundational question.  I would imagine that "Ike" will become familiar with his first keyboard at a very early age, one or two years old.  My new grandson needs to know the stories behind my family's connection to Apple and their various devices.
  • If the best cup of coffee comes from a French press or a pour over.  Justin has a history with coffee and the various kinds of drinks that can be made with it.  Don't forget to ask about cappucino.  There's a great story there too.
  • If he had a good time with his dog Adam, his stuffed pet that was a constant companion.  I can't forget the turtles, the Ninja Turtles which he still has.

"Ike" is a lucky guy to have a great mom and dad.  They are both very special.  Of course, I know his dad the best and I'm getting to know his mom.  

This kid is already a winner, a champion and I'm anxious to see the role that God has carved out for him.