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My world was changed forever when my daughter was born 32 years ago today

I remember vividly when I rolled by daughter down the hospital hallway 32 years ago today from the delivery area to the nursery after she was born.  I was walking on clouds.  My daughter plucked strings on the guitar of my heart that I never knew I had.

Krista's 32nd birthday is today and I'm sure that she and her family who live in Eastern Europe are celebrating.  

In my head right now, all I can hear is Matt Redomond's song 10,000 Reasons to praise God.  My daughter opened the door to a period of my life that would easily consume all ten thousand and more. As an only child and someone who had picked up a baby only once or twice before she was born, I learned.  

Dear God, thank-you for Krista and for her family.  And Krista, you are still a winner, big-time.  Mom and I will be talking about you today, probably all day.


This is a story in our local newspaper about Krista's baptism. She wore a baptismal gown made from the parachute that saved my uncle's plane during WWII. I wore it when I was baptized.