What Does Your Father Mean To You?
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EASTER WEEK 2014--What about the earthquake on Good Friday when Jesus died on the cross?

When Jesus died on the cross, there was a big earthquake.  So what?  I've been asking myself that question as we move closer to our celebration of Easter.  

I wonder how the people of Jerusalem reacted to that earthquake.  Did it really shake the buildings in Jerusalem?  Was there much damage from all the moving of the earth?  Did the people in the area connect it with the death of Jesus?  Did they get it?  

What does that earthquake mean for us?  

Is it a reminder for life today that there is a God and he's in control of everything?  

Super-wife and I plan on going to a Good Friday service.  I wonder if the pastor will talk about it.  Hope so.  Here's a short video about the earthquake as mentioned in Matthew 27:50-54: