EASTER WEEK 2014--Memories of Good Friday services at the Empire in Bay City
We spent a week visiting with our son, his wife and pre-born Baby Thorp in St. Louis

How are you doing with your chronic open angle glaucoma?


I've had chronic open angle glaucoma for a long time.  Eye drops and ophthalmologists have become part of my life.  I've been told over the years that my vision should be good as long as the disease is managed.

The effort has been a journey with lots of steps.  It started with cataracts that were removed and with lenses in my eyes replaced with ones that I wasn't born with.  Along with the high eye pressure, the lens in my right eye has fallen from its perch several times and I've had a retina detachment.  

My pressure during the past six months has been low until now.  It's high again which means I'm seeing more of my friends in the eye doctor's office.  

Meanwhile, my vision has shown signs of being out of whack and I'm not sure why.  What's next?  The glaucoma doctor seemed satisfied.  He said it might be my retina again.

There's another appointment tomorrow morning.  Glaucoma patients, how about you?  Is your glaucoma experience pretty steady without many bumps and grinds?  Has it been a roller coaster ride?


This is the instrument used today to measure my field of vision.