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PHOTOS: A quick look at the St. Louis leg of our family

Until last week when we visited our son Justin and his wife Lauren, my view of St. Louis and Missouri was shaped by my time at Fort Leonard Wood in the 1970s.  It was hard to think about that area without seeing green Army fatigues and drill instructors in my mind.  Then my son and his wife moved to St. Louis a little more than a month ago.  We spent last week visiting them.  Here are some pictures.

Their dining room table was the gathering spot for a FaceTime visit with our kids in Eastern Europe. With the computer, we have been able to stay connected as a family.


We went downtown one day to St. Louis City Hall where our daughter-in-law did some paperwork for their move to the area.


Super-wife walks through their dining room in their home on the city's south side.


A key member of their family is their dog Latte. She's a sweetheart pit bull who is filled with affection and thrives on attention.


She's going to be a grandma for the third time in July. Here she examines Baby Thorp's new stroller.


Great kitchen in their refurbished house. They both love to cook.