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Does Rick Santorum have the answer for the Republican loss in 2012?

Rick Santorum who ran for president in 2012 wrote a new book:  Blue Collar Conservative and it seems to show a unique understanding of the volatile electorate.  More and more blue collars have jumped over to the Republican side.  But, they are getting ready to go someplace more sympathetic to them.  They stayed home from the polls two years ago.

“As many as six million blue collar voters stayed home from the polls, and there’s good reason to believe that a large majority of them would have voted Republican if they had voted,” the former Pennsylvania senator writes in “Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works,” which is out Monday, according to a story in Politico.

I might have to read the book, at least the excerpt on Amazon.

Can good triumph over evil in our day-to-day living?

This story is almost too hard to believe.  Teenager has a dad who stole money from and old lady and the kid feels responsibility to make it right and he does.  I hope this kid's dad learns something.  This story touched me.

Anybody think this is true about National Football League (NFL) players?

Importance of fathers
Casey Carey comments here about many NFL players who have a serious void in their life because they never saw their dads in the stands.

NFL players seem to have it all when it comes to looks, popularity, money, homes and other stuff.  But many, according to Casey Carey of the National Center for Fathers says say they have one big void in their lives.  During a game, he said, many looked up in the stands and never saw their dads.  If they had, it would have changed their lives.

Does this really show the power that dads have with their kids?  Does this resonate with any dads out there?  Did you always see your dad in the stands?

Here's a clip of what he said during the Focus on the Family movie Irreplaceable.


I bought my wife a baby Cusinart food processor for Mother's Day


Our supper.
This omelet is my wife's first creation with her new mini-Cusinart food processor. Inside its Egg Beater sides are a bunch of different color bell peppers along with other goodies. We had two strips of turkey backson, toasted English muffin, salad and applesauce.




Check the size on this baby. It's perfect for empty-nesters and single persons. Performance is amazing.





Big doesn't necessarily mean better for food processors, at least for this Cuisinart. It's perfect for empty-nesters who eat in front of the tv now that the kids are gone.




This used to be one Bell pepper. It seems to be perfect for making baby- food. Ideal for grandkids who are still babies.



LINK: Russia enacts new law requiring bloggers to register with government

Could bloggers in this country ever be required to register with the federal government?  

Russia just enacted a law to do just that.  Internet freedoms around the world seem to be in danger.  Could it ever happen here?

Click here for the New York Times story.

I need to watch this Marvin Williams sermon again on listening to God through the Bible

Over the course of my life, I have struggled with being intentional in reading the Bible. I know that it's God's word to people and that he uses it to speak to them. I need to watch this sermon again from our church Sunday where visiting pastor Marvin Williams talks about the role of the Bible and how God uses it to speak to us.

Should I get a tattoo on the top of my bald head or sell advertising space?


My wife uses her iPad Mini to take a picture of the top of my head.

How many baby-boomer guys have more hair on their chins than on the top of their head?


I didn't fully appreciate how much hair I've lost until my wife was sitting behind me the other night and used her iPad Mini to take a picture of my just about bare scalp.  I am way beyond the point of needing a comb.

To me, it seems like I've got a lot of wasted space on the top of my head.  Could it be put to use for some sort of message?  

What about tattooing "John 3:16 in big letters?  

Could I sell the space to an advertiser?  Apple computer?  AARP?  Michigan Apple Commission?  Pure Michigan?  How much should I charge?