LINK: Twelve-year-old Florida student ordered not to read his Bible during free reading time
Anybody think this is true about National Football League (NFL) players?

I bought my wife a baby Cusinart food processor for Mother's Day


Our supper.
This omelet is my wife's first creation with her new mini-Cusinart food processor. Inside its Egg Beater sides are a bunch of different color bell peppers along with other goodies. We had two strips of turkey backson, toasted English muffin, salad and applesauce.




Check the size on this baby. It's perfect for empty-nesters and single persons. Performance is amazing.





Big doesn't necessarily mean better for food processors, at least for this Cuisinart. It's perfect for empty-nesters who eat in front of the tv now that the kids are gone.




This used to be one Bell pepper. It seems to be perfect for making baby- food. Ideal for grandkids who are still babies.