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Should I get a tattoo on the top of my bald head or sell advertising space?


My wife uses her iPad Mini to take a picture of the top of my head.

How many baby-boomer guys have more hair on their chins than on the top of their head?


I didn't fully appreciate how much hair I've lost until my wife was sitting behind me the other night and used her iPad Mini to take a picture of my just about bare scalp.  I am way beyond the point of needing a comb.

To me, it seems like I've got a lot of wasted space on the top of my head.  Could it be put to use for some sort of message?  

What about tattooing "John 3:16 in big letters?  

Could I sell the space to an advertiser?  Apple computer?  AARP?  Michigan Apple Commission?  Pure Michigan?  How much should I charge?