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Do I want to jump out of an airplane like 90-year-old former President Bush?


Trying to decide what I want to do before I turn 70 in two-years.

 I read this story in the Huffington Post about President George H.W. Bush jumping out of a helicopter in Maine today, his 90th birthday.  He, apparently, has a bucket list that's long and many of the items involve getting an adrenaline rush.  

I'm a little more than two years from turning 70 and I'm trying to get clarification about what I really want to get done before I hit my expiration date.  I've been using  

Former President Bush is a great example to older baby-boomers who are coming to grips with the reality that they have more life behind them than ahead.

How many of you baby-boomers have a list of things you want to do?  I'm still working on mine.