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Does anybody have advice about going to your 50th high school class reunion?


High school reunion
This is my invitation to my class reunion. I graduated in 1964.




I graduated from T. L. Handy High School in Bay City, Michigan exactly 50 years ago.  That means a big reunion in the fall.  I'm not sure what to expect.  Is there a way to prepare yourself before you go?  Is there a right mindset?  

Our high school was on the westside of the Saginaw River and was one of two in our town.  I flew below the radar for most of those years, except for two years I spent as a photographer for the school newspaper.  Because I moved from our town, my ties to classmates were reduced dramatically.

In the invite to the reunion, there was a request to write a personal update about the past 50 years to be used in a 50th memory book.  It asks for accomplishments, awards of recognition and hobbies and other stuff.  

This is a milestone occasion and I look forward to going with my wife.  I'm just not sure what to expect.