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What can I say about my son--Justin Thorp--and his newborn son Miles?

Going to St. Louis with my wife to meet our new grandson "Miles Thorp" was a real joyride

Gladys gets to meet her new grandson.

Check mom and son and dad and grandma.
Two grandmas celebrate with a big hug.

Gladys and I were just sitting down to a living room lunch yesterday where we watch a Netflix television show everyday while we eat.  Then we got a call from our son Justin who said that his pre-born son Miles was soon to make his entrance into the world.

Knowing that we were fully mobile, he told us to pack a few things and hop in our car and head west to St. Louis and the hospital where Miles would be born.  Within an hour or so we were in the car heading out to meet the newest member of our expanding family who was getting ready to make an appearance.

We got there about seven hours before he was born.  As his arrival got closer, we checked into the birthing suite and gave a high five to our daughter-in-law Lauren who was getting prepared for the real hard part of the job.  Then Grandma Thorp, Grandma Morris and I went to the waiting room just around the corner.  We waited.  We visited.  We got the latest from Justin when he stepped out and we got his texts.

Then at 5:20 or so this morning, listening through the door, we heard the doctor say, "You've got a baby."  And then came the passionate cries of our newborn grandson.  His cries were loud and persistent.  

After a bath and other things to get him ready for visitors, we were invited to step in to see him, the new mom and our son who witnessed one of life's greatest miracles, the birth of your own child.

The grandmas held him and then it was my turn.  All I could think of was the great privilege of being part of a family.  I told him about how much his mom and dad loved him and how he was a real winner.  He pretended like he was sleeping.

I'm way over 10,000 Reasons to give thanks to God.  Meeting Miles was one.  There's his parents.  There's his extended family.

Gladys and I started our family as two a day short of our 33rd anniversary.  We are now nine.  Praise God.  My heart is still smiling.