Was it ever too late for my scum bag dad to become a great dad?
Do you ever think about your soul and how much it's worth?

I'm going to pass on my list of super-heroes to my grandson


This holds my son's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection.


These guys would fight battles on our living room floor.

My grandson who turns four on Saturday is coming to our house on Saturday to visit for a few weeks.  Last year when we visited them at their home in Bosnia, he was really into watching Veggie Tales,  He knew all the characters, their songs and their dance moves.  Now it's Spider Man and other super-heroes.

This made me think of super-heroes that I adopted when I was around that age.  I remember Zorro, the Cisco Kid, the Lone Ranger, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon and Super Man.  As a young boy, I spent time in front of the radio listening to their fight for good over evil.

My son had his super-heroes too.  I remember him watching Ninja Turtles and I remember the Ninja Turtle toys that he collected and played with.

Adults have their super-heroes too.  Last night, we watched "24" on television.  Isn't Jack Bauer a super-hero.  The threats he confronts are much more global and more violent.

How important are super-heroes?  To me, they seem important.  They plant a seed that good can win over bad.  

In a couple of weeks, my second grandson will be born.  I wonder if in a couple of years whether he will be into super-heroes.  Will he be playing Ninja Turtles with my son?  Will he know about the Lone Ranger?  Zorro?  Super Man?  I can't wait to tell him.