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LINKS: My "to read" list for the next week--Start of World War I in Sarajevo and more

Do you come across articles and posts on the web that you don't want to read now, but would like to take time with later?  

I have a collection of links that I've accumulated and have been left as orphans that I either forget or never get back to.  Today is no different.  I do want to read these:

  1. New York Times article about the divisions in Sarajevo, Bosnia where World War I got started with the assassination of  Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on a non-descript bridge there.  I stood on the bridge and I have family that lives about three hours down the road.  
  2. Wall Street Journal package of stories about the legacies left from World War I after 100 years.
  3. Wall Street Journal story about what children of aging parents need to know.
  4. Daily Beast writes about Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as a dark horse Republican in the race for the presidency.  
  5. Detroit Free Press raises the question of whether charter school have been oversold as performers in teaching children.