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Justin amash
This was on Facebook late this morning. This is Amash's take on what's happening.

When I grew up in Bay City, everybody knew there were two Republican groups.  There were those whose attitudes were epitomized by their membership in the country club and who had liberal and very establishment political views.  

Then there were the everyday people who believed that there dangers in big government and who were way of its dangers.

That same scenario is being played out all over the country.  Michigan's big dog Republicans who only get close to real people on their way to the club are trying to take down U.S. Rep Justin Amash from Grand Rapids.  They're using a big business guy from the area who might have trouble identifying a real conservative if it crossed his path.

They are trying to make Amash sound like some reject from a mental hospital.  Amash has insisted on following the U.S. Constitution and has admonished leaders for cutting corners or completely missing them.

How will this play out?  Can Amash keep his seat?  Can he get out his voters on election day?