Do I want to jump out of an airplane like 90-year-old former President Bush?
Is the "Tea Party" just folks who drool when they talk, move their lips when they read, wear white socks?

My son Justin is getting excited for the arrival of his son Baby Boy Thorp

My son and his wife will meet their son soon.

 When I woke up this morning I clicked on this link to pictures of dads taken of them with their new baby.  I scrolled through each one and I read what each one had to say about the moment.  I know that Justin's getting excited to be a dad.

There's nothing like the anticipation of meeting and holding your new child.  I was able to have that experience two times.  Now it's his turn.  I am excited for him and for his wife Lauren.  Words can't describe how happy I am for them.  

I'm still feeling my way around in my position as a grandfather.  I never saw a job description. And I never knew my grandparents.  I too can't wait to meet Baby Boy Thorp.