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Quotes: Influencing your world, turning to Bible and valuable advice for Republicans

One of the most important sources of news for me is Twitter.  I go to its feed several times a day to look for latest happenings from a wide-variety of individuals, groups and geographic areas.  Most tweets contain valuable link.

Some are from people who are in the midst of a major news happening and they might include a photo or a video clip.  

As a former speech writer, I'm always looking for good quotes.  Here are three that caught my eye from recent Twitter feeds:


This is great quote on taking time to ask God to share what's on his heart and how I can plug into it in my life today.

2Many try to portray Rand Paul as an right-wing extremist who is so out there that he meets the left.  This quote makes great sense.  Think about all those 2,000 page bills that no member of Congress has most likely ever read.

3It's so easy to be distracted away from the Bible.  For me today, it's the New York Times and the Drudge Report to find out about why U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor lost his primary election.  The Bible is God speaking directly to us and to me.  What else do I need.