Baby-sitting your grandkids can help keep you from getting Alzheimers
Do I want to jump out of an airplane like 90-year-old former President Bush?

Starbucks is helping us get ready for a visit from our almost four-year-old grandson


Yeah, we are getting more than a little excited by the upcoming visit from our two grandkids, one almost four and the other being nineteen months old.  I'm sure we will be the only sixty-somethings around here with a slip and slide in the backyard.  

We've been combing through our collection of toys and adding to it with purchases from neighborhood garage sales.  

Our grandkids live in Bosnia where their parents work which means that they have travelled a lot.  They are used to other countries and to getting around airports. Our older grandson soaks in every detail from his visits to Turkey, Croatia, Germany and the United States.

When they come, we will let him pick a Starbucks mug from our growing collection from cities around the world.  We will let him pick a city, like Budapest, Vienna, St. Louis, Las Vegas and other places we've been or where others have been and purchased  them for us.  We have a beautiful Starbucks mug from Seoul where or son and daughter-in-law were last year.

When he picks his mug, then we will challenge him to find that country on our shower curtain which has a huge world map on it.

Indeed, we have toys for his younger sister.  As we think about our pre-born grandson in St. Louis, our excitement grows.  We will be ready.