Our house will be the one with the big smile that comes with your grandkids
Was it ever too late for my scum bag dad to become a great dad?

We've done a lot of living in the almost 33 years since we got married at Immanuel in Bay City

I think Gladys and I could sit down at the table on the back deck and spend the rest of the day talking about everything we've experienced together since we got married on June 20, 1981.  This picture was taken as we took our vows at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City, Michigan.  It was a major life moment for each of us.

If I ever need proof of God's presence and an example of his grace, I just need to look at this picture and think about all the things that we've experienced together since.  Thank-you God.

We were saying our vows to each other when this picture was taken. Notice our ring-bearer sitting in front of the railing on the right side.