Going to St. Louis with my wife to meet our new grandson "Miles Thorp" was a real joyride
We are in the middle of a full week of hands-on grandparenting

What can I say about my son--Justin Thorp--and his newborn son Miles?

My son and my very new grandson Miles
I'm sure that my new grandson Miles and his dad will be like two peas in a pod.

I love getting his text messages during the day about life with his almost week-old son.  My son Justin seems like he's a natural born father.  His texts range from reporting that he changed 11 diapers the day before to he had a poop that could only be described as nuclear.

He and his wife Lauren are really excited about the new addition to their family that had consisted of them, a dog and a cat.  Now, they have a son and Justin is loving every minute of it.

This excites me for a lot of reasons.  One is that all this really shows the grace of God.  Miles is really healthy and he was born a month early.  But, more importantly, it demonstrates that coming from a background of poor fathering is not a predictor of the kind of dad a guy is going to be.

I had no father figure and I had no siblings and I can say that the best job of my life has been being a father.  That is topped only by being a husband.  The poor fathering cycle has been broken officially.  This is proof.  Thank-you God.