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What do you give your son on his 30th birthday?


Our son Justin and his wife Lauren when they arrived in Lansing right after a major ice storm.


Me holding Justin and Gladys holding Krista soon after he was born. 

Happy Birthday to our son Justin who turns 30 today.  I ruminated over what we could get him for the big three-zero.  I thought of tech stuff, books, a family picture and then I saw this picture.  This dude has it all.  Since he married his wife Lauren, he's never seemed happier.  And, she's carrying his son in this picture who will be born soon.

Yeah, we did buy him a present.  We had Amazon send him a cookbook to their new home in St. Louis.    He got the cooking gene from his mom.  It was a copy of Michael Ruhland's new book on cooking eggs.  

My memory bank has a big partition filled with items labelled Justin.  As he progresses with his family life I hope that he's taking good notes, so he's able to look back with his own son.  I know that Baby Boy Thorp has a special dad and a special mom.  This means one dynamite kid.

I look forward to the next chapter.  We are proud to be part of your life.  I pray that we have many miles to go together as an extended family.  Happy Birthday.  Talk to you tonight.  Face Time, right?