My five decades since I graduated from T.L. Handy High School in Bay City, Michigan
This picture of our whole "family tribe" will find a place of honor on our wall

As a dad and grandfather, I should be dancing through the streets right now

If the past month with our kids and grandkids is a hint of what heaven's going to be like then I think I'm going to like it there.  

My daughter and her husband and their two kids have been at our house for a month plus.  They live in Eastern Europe and are back in the United States for a few months.  We've had a chance for some serious grandparenting time and have seen firsthand how much our daughter that I used to call "super-pumpkin" has grown as a full-fledged adult.  Her husband is an amazing guy and one who I've forged a solid friendship with.

During this time, we all trekked down to St. Louis where our son and his wife live along with their newborn son.  There were so many special times where just enjoyed being with each other, including a special "father-son and son-in-law" time at the Urban Chestnut Brewery in the city.

I know that family routines have been toppled a little, but the time together has been magical for me.  I see more clearly than ever the importance of family and I see how much I have to thank God for.

I kind of feel like Zeke Braverman of the Parenthood television show who play the role of a patriarch in his family.  My response is simple.  As I would tell my four-year-old grandson, "super-cool, awesome, amazing."  You get the idea.