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Please deliver this birthday wish to my 105 year-old mom-Frieda Thorp- in heaven

My mom, Frieda M. Thorp
My mom celebrating her 80th birthday and me with hair.

Right now our four-year-old grandson from Bosnia has been visiting our house along with his sister and parents.  He's just getting into super-heroes.  Spider Man has really gotten his attention.  There's one more that he needs to add to his list, my mother and his great grandmother.

She was the real deal and not the figment of some writer's imagination.  She was born and raised on a farm in Michigan Thumb and has five sisters and six brothers.  

They lost their parents early, but the whole brood of siblings stuck together with the older taking care of the younger.  The process wasn't perfect, but it worked.

My mom married my dad in 1945 only to have him disappear and never come back.  Social services were non-existent.  She was on her own in her burning goal to see me raised in a healthy way and to get an education.

She did it.  I have an amazing family.  She lived long enough to spend lots of time with my daughter and son.  Now there's a son-in-law, daughter-in-law and three grandkids.  They are stellar.

Today's her birthday.  She's worth thinking about and I thank God for her everyday.  She accomplished her goal and now she's being rewarded in heavenly-places.  "Happy Birthday, Mother.  You were a world-changer for me."