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If God drank coffee, he'd go to South City Sump Coffee in St. Louis


Walking into Sump Coffee on a gray Saturday morning. 
I felt a little intimidated by all the technical coffee talk when it was our time to order.

Last Saturday during a special time with our whole family in St. Louis, my son Justin and my son-in-law Adam and myself went to South City Sump Coffee.  This is a coffeeshop that my son has discovered since moving to this city.

Over the years, he and I have drank coffee at many coffeeshops from Lansing to Washington, D.C. to Las Vegas and now to St. Louis.  He has a taste for the nuances of coffee and has shared with me pour-over coffee, as well as French pressed coffee.  

My palate seemed to coffee alive last week at Sump Coffee when I drank the pour over.  I don't remember the kind of coffee bean, but I remember how great it tasted.  And the ambience of the place added to the experience.  I'd go back again.

I don't know if God drinks coffee, but if he did I bet he'd try this place.  I know that God epitomizes humility and would probably drink instant coffee with the folks at a shelter.  But that cup of coffee at Sump put on display the creative powers of the Eternal One.