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If God drank coffee, he'd go to South City Sump Coffee in St. Louis


Walking into Sump Coffee on a gray Saturday morning. 
I felt a little intimidated by all the technical coffee talk when it was our time to order.

Last Saturday during a special time with our whole family in St. Louis, my son Justin and my son-in-law Adam and myself went to South City Sump Coffee.  This is a coffeeshop that my son has discovered since moving to this city.

Over the years, he and I have drank coffee at many coffeeshops from Lansing to Washington, D.C. to Las Vegas and now to St. Louis.  He has a taste for the nuances of coffee and has shared with me pour-over coffee, as well as French pressed coffee.  

My palate seemed to coffee alive last week at Sump Coffee when I drank the pour over.  I don't remember the kind of coffee bean, but I remember how great it tasted.  And the ambience of the place added to the experience.  I'd go back again.

I don't know if God drinks coffee, but if he did I bet he'd try this place.  I know that God epitomizes humility and would probably drink instant coffee with the folks at a shelter.  But that cup of coffee at Sump put on display the creative powers of the Eternal One.  

I have this replica of the plaque left on the moon by the U.S. in 1969


My replica of the moon plaque.
I got this plaque while working as a reporter at the Chicago Tribune during time when we landed on the moon in 1969.


I remember getting this replica plaque of the one planted on the moon during the U.S. moon landing and moon walk.  I was working as a reporter at the Chicago Tribune where the space feat was celebrated with massive and detailed coverage.

Because it was such a historic moment for the world, I never let go of the plaque.  Now my wife and I are sorting through our accumulation of stuff and passing on what we don't want or need.    I found this.

Great memorabilia.  Is it worth passing on to a grandkid?  Is it worth any money?

Too bad going to church on Sunday doesn't resemble going into an Apple store on its Grand Opening

Tonight before my head gets settled into my pillow, my wife will ask me what was the best part of my day.  Today, I'd have to answer that it was going to the Grand Opening of an Apple Store in our town.

I got to thinking about how the two experiences compare.  Going into the Apple Store there were 20-30 employees hollering and cheering for customers as they walked into the store.  They looked you in the eyes as you passed through their gauntlet and they smiled big to welcome you.

It was a nonstop welcome experience as we walked through the store.  Now what about church.

What if people in church had a welcoming line like the one in the Apple Store?  What if they really made you feel welcomed?  Would that make a difference?  Check this video I made as we crossed the threshhold of the store.