Please deliver this birthday wish to my 105 year-old mom-Frieda Thorp- in heaven
Hanging out with my two grandsons, a four-year-old and a two-month old

Too bad going to church on Sunday doesn't resemble going into an Apple store on its Grand Opening

Tonight before my head gets settled into my pillow, my wife will ask me what was the best part of my day.  Today, I'd have to answer that it was going to the Grand Opening of an Apple Store in our town.

I got to thinking about how the two experiences compare.  Going into the Apple Store there were 20-30 employees hollering and cheering for customers as they walked into the store.  They looked you in the eyes as you passed through their gauntlet and they smiled big to welcome you.

It was a nonstop welcome experience as we walked through the store.  Now what about church.

What if people in church had a welcoming line like the one in the Apple Store?  What if they really made you feel welcomed?  Would that make a difference?  Check this video I made as we crossed the threshhold of the store.