Should you go to your 50th high school class reunion?
Got your rakes and air blowers ready for the leaves changing colors in mid-Michigan?

Do you remember the day when your high school diploma was put in your hand?


Receiving my high school diploma on graduation day.
This was a great gift from a high school friend who took this picture of me receiving my high school diploma.


When my high school class was lined up just before our graduation ceremony on the athletic field, our class's counselor came up to me with a grimace on her face.  As she got closer, my thoughts were simple, "Oh crap."  Being a less than stellar student in high school, I thought I was going to be held back.

Well, I wasn't and as this picture shows, they handed my diploma with a smile on their faces.  This all happened 50 years ago at T.L. Handy High School in Bay City, Michigan.  A high school friend, Dick VanNostrand handed me this picture he took at the graduation.  He was a photographer for the local paper, the Bay City Times.

My memories of high school and of my fellow classmates were fuzzy.  I had left the area and had lost touch.  

I was never a scholar or even a good student, but I learned a lot and I continue to learn.