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Instagram can be a gift from God for long distance grandparents


Meet our youngest grandson Miles. We got this photo from our daughter-in-law this morning over Instagram.

We live a distance from our three grandkids.  They are in various developmental stages where they seem to get cuter everyday.

How do we keep up with this?  One way is with the web app Instagram.  It's for photo distribution to people you designate.  It's perfect for grandparents who have kids and grandkids who live miles away in another state or another country.  We have a grandson who lives in St. Louis and two more who live in Bosnia.

As part of our getting out of bed ritual everyday, we check either our iPad or iPhone for new Instagram pictures.  And during the day, we can be seen sharing the phone back and forth when a new picture is sent.  These photos produce smiles and connection and we love it.