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Pray for 12-year-old with Tourette's Syndrome who was on Dr. Phil today


Dr. Phil features Tourette Syndrome
We saw a heart-grinding story today on Dr. Phil about a 12-year-old with Tourette Syndrome

I'm haunted by a 12-year-old girl with Tourette Syndrome who we saw on the Dr. Phil Show today.  I wasn't aware of how merciless this disease can be.  To see this young girl struggle with constant tics where she can't avoid hurting herself was excruciating to watch.


But for her parents and her younger brother, it has to be even harder if not impossible at times.  I will pray for her and I trust others around the country will do the same.

Some links about the program and the disease:

  1. Details on the Dr. Phil website about the show which featured the teenager and one other story about a mom dealing with a child custody challenge.  This includes links to resources.
  2. Tourette Syndrome Association website which does a great job of presenting the disease with its various permutations.
  3. Smart Brain and Health-Advanced Neuro Therapeutics which has therapies to deal with this disease and others.