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Do you remember the day when your high school diploma was put in your hand?

Should you go to your 50th high school class reunion?

Me and my grandson.
What have I enjoyed most during the past 50 years? Being a husband, dad and grandfather.

Lot of baby-boomers who were born in 1946 are going to their 50th high school class reunion this year.  It's a rite of passage to becoming full-fledged senior citizens who are moving towards being elderly.

Should you go?

Did you stay in your hometown when you got your high school diploma?  Did you stay in contact with your old classmates?  Are you curious about them and their lives?

Today is my 50th and we are going and I'm not sure why.  I lost contact with most high school classmates when I graduated from college and didn't move back home.  I still remember some names and I still have my yearbook.

My high school years were not terrible nor were they great.  I have to admit that they served as a launching pad for me as I moved to the next stages of my life.

What am I expecting tonight?  I hope I can overcome some innate shyness and be comfortable in visiting with people who I haven't seen since I was in my teens.  I'm now 68.  I used to be the photographer for the high school newspaper and I'd walk through the halls with a camera around my neck.  Maybe I'll take the camera I use to shoot pictures of my grandkids and let it hang from my shoulder.  It might be a good crutch to lean on.