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Can American baby-boomers successfully travel through Europe by themselves?


A year ago today my wife and I took this picture in Frankfurt, Germany. We had just returned from Bosnia and Croatia and we were getting ready to go to Hannover.


Can older baby-boomers navigate their way through the intricacies of travelling in Europe?  There's the language, currency, train schedules and a whole passel of other challenges.

Last year, super-wife and I flew to Bosnia to see our daughter and family.  We flew into Split, Croatia, drove through Slovenia and then to Vienna, Austria and a week later, we went back and stayed a week in Bosnia.  On our return phase, we flew into Frankfurt where we caught a train north to Hannover for a two day visit.

How'd it go?  Great.  We feel more empowered to travel out of the country.  

We got tremendous help from YouTube videos where we found videos taken in the Frankfurt airport of each step from the time you get off the plane to the train station right at the airport.  We saw many others, including ones on how to find the right train car.  

RickSteves.com is a site filled with practical help.  It includes discussion boards where real life situations are posed and then responded to.

We are planning to go back next year for another family visit.  We want to see more.