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Friday nights will not be the same without Schwan's Hawaiian personal pizzas

My wife and I have our own empty-nest meal routines.  One has been our Friday night pizza in front of the television.  We usually have our own Schwan's Hawaiian personal pizza and quite often we will split a beer.  And I can't forget the cut-up vegetables.

We picked this pizza from Schwan's because it was not loaded down with many of the health challenging items that other pizza has.  It satisfied our need for pizza and it tasted good.  And then the news came.

Schwan's discontinued this pizza.  Go to their website and you don't find any worthy substitutions. We are disappointed.  Any ideas out there about appropriate replacements?  We ate the last one a week ago.  You will be missed.


Are you a Schwan's customer? Have you ever tried these personal pizzas?