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If you live in a city needing revitalization, be thankful that Tony Hsieh is staying with Downtown Project in Las Vegas


In the working and entertainment section of his apartment, we learned about the redevelopment of the old downtown in Las Vegas.

Last summer, my son Justin who lived in Las Vegas at the time arranged a tour of the Downtown Project developed by Tony Hsieh who sold Zappos for more than a billion bucks.  With his company headquartered in the old downtown of the city, he committed more than $300 to redevelop the area.

He had an amazing vision for a dying area of the city.  His efforts involved lots of risks and plenty of working outside the box.

The rumors had been growing that he was being forced to step down from his position at the helm of the effort.  Today at a Tech Cocktail event, he says the rumor is wrong.  He and his team are cutting new ground and now he assures us his work will continue.