Are we the only ones who live so far from their grandchildren?
This weekend: Spending time with Samuel of the Bible and virtual playtime with my grandson

My iPhone picture of the day: Urban Chestnut craft beer in my pocket everyday

Have you ever had Urban Chestnut beer? I wish they sold it in Michigan.

I love the birthday gifts I get from my kids.  My daughter and family gave me a special t-shirt to recognize my "grandpa" status and my son and his family gave me a fancy t-shirt and and keychain from the Urban Chestnut craft brewery in St. Louis where they live.

My taste for beer was severely upgraded this summer because of several visits to our son's home.  He took my son-in-law and me to the Urban Chestnut Bierhall on Manchester Avenue.  Conversation was great, as was the beer.  It's Schnicklefritz beer really touched my taste buds.  I found when I got home to mid-Michigan that Budweiser will never taste the same.