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I'd highly recommend Runkeeper for older baby-boomers like myself

This weekend: Spending time with Samuel of the Bible and virtual playtime with my grandson

When was the last time you read about Samuel, the prophet and judge in the Bible?  Last night at church we finished a six week series of sermons about this person who was instrumental in the history of Israel.

What has surprised me is how relevant Samuel's life is to life today.  It has prompted me to work on recalibrating and refocusing my spiritual life to make "faithfulness" to God my goal.  It has a high falutin sound, but, in actuality, the book of Samuel shows that it touches everything.   With God's help, I'm trying to retool.  Here's the last part of the series presented last night at Ada Bible Church by Pastor Jeff Manion.

Super-grandma and I had a virtual playtime tonight with our four-month old grandson who lives with my son and his wife in St. Louis.  We had fun as we talked with him and he talked to us.  We saw their dog give him a big smooch and look at us with a laser focus.  

Apple's FaceTime is worth it's weight in gold for long distance grandparents.  We love it.  For our two other grandchildren who live overseas, we have similar visits.

When we visited with our son and wife and grandson tonight, we used FaceTime.