I'm leaving this David Crowder song--"I Am"--for my kids and my grandkids
I'm not sure voting makes a difference anymore in this country

Can our tree leaves tell us what kind of winter we are going to have?

It's November 3 and the leaves are off our trees here in mid-Michigan.  A year ago today they were still on our front yard maple tree.  Today, that tree is bare.  What does that mean about the kind of winter we are going to have?  

Cold and lots of snow?  Is it time for me to go out and buy a generator for our home just in case the electricity goes out like it did last year?


Our front yard tree today.
This is our tree this morning. Took the picture from our living room couch. The tree is bare.




Our tree one year ago.
This is the same tree one year ago today. Big difference from today, right?