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Drinking Founders "Backwoods Bastard" with my son on Thanksgiving Eve


Couldn't find Backwoods Bastard on the shelf. This a great beer to drink with adult sons.


I could talk about the fun of drinking a beer with my son on Thanksgiving Eve at Horrocks in Lansing. It's a mid-Michigan version of Trader's Joe with the difference being that you can drink one of 50 beers on tap or sniff and swish on a wide-variety of wine.

The conversation and the visit was great, but what really grabbed my attention was a craft beer called "Backwoods Bastard" by Founders.  It makes me think that I might never drink Bud Light again.

We each got a snifter and drank it during our conversation around shoppers looking for Thanksgiving wine and for that just right beer for the holiday.

First sips produced a quick "wow."  With the first taste, you got a distinct and strong note of scotch along with carmel.  It make me wish that I was home sipping it on the couch where I could just contemplate it carefully.  As we moved through the store doing last minute shopping for Thanksgiving.

Would I recommend it?  It makes Bud Light taste like flavored water.  

What about the 10.4 percent alcohol in it?  Drink just one.  Even then, you might feel like you need to drink a coffee before doing something else and with a second, you definitely need a designated driver.