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I'm not sure voting makes a difference anymore in this country

"I Voted" stickers
This is where I've put many of my "I Voted" stickers.

My Facebook newsfeed is filled with digital stickers reminding me to vote today.  I'm sure that we will get many robo-calls reminding me to vote and television will have more than a few reminders.

I grew up with voting as a value.  I couldn't wait to vote for the first time.  For decades, I carried the belief that citizens could make a difference in how they are governed.  I'm not so sure anymore.

It's becoming clearer that many politicians hold voters with contempt.  They disrespect them by distoring or withholding the truth.  To get that all you have to do is watch and listen to the television commercials where they attack each other.  Both sides do it.  Each side will try to make out the other as the spawn of Satan.  

Then when they're elected they easily become part of the ruling class.  Their sole purpose is to perpetuate themselves in office.  

Not all politicians are this way.  There are many who are well-intentioned, but they get to their office with elastic values and all the transparency that can be seen through a thick black curtain.

Anybody feel their vote makes a difference?  How?