Thanksgiving: Can I do this before I get out of bed in the morning?
Have you taken a selfie with your grandkids?

Thanksgiving: I really thank God for my family, Gladys, Krista, Justin, Adam, Lauren, Xavier, Gretchen and Miles

Our house is filled with pictures of our kids and grandkids.  They are a constant reminder of how much God has blessed my wife and me.  Being raised by a single mom, I never got more than a 50 percent view of real family life.  

Then I married Gladys and the adventure started.  There's never been anything better than doing life together with her.  

This Thanksgiving, we celebrated with our son Justin and his wife Lauren and our grandson Miles.  And during Christmas, we will have Krista and her husband Adam and their kids Xavier and Gretchen.

Here's some pictures:


IMG_5874 2
Justin and our five-month old grandson Miles.





My grandson Miles and me.




Justin buys snacks before their trip back to St. Louis.




Our granddaughter Gretchen will come next month. Here she explores homemade pumpkin butter.




My grandson Xavier and I have travelled together to Hungary and Austria, as well as Croatia.