I'd highly recommend Runkeeper for older baby-boomers like myself
I'm leaving this David Crowder song--"I Am"--for my kids and my grandkids

What were you doing one year ago today, Nov. 1?

 What were you doing one year ago today?  Do you remember?  Give it a try?

I have a photo record of what  my wife and I did.  It was all pretty routine stuff, but enjoyable.   Three pictures tell the story.  In most of Michigan, we still clean up leaves from all our tree and some of the neighbors.  That includes getting them out of the eaves.

There was a visit to Starbucks in East Lansing for a pumpkin spice latte.  I don't remember the things we talked about, but I bet our conversation included our kids and grandkids.

We can make a grocery shopping trip into a social occasion.  A year ago, our shopping cart included a bottle of our favorite wine and bananas.    

Cleaning leaves out of our eaves trough is a ritual at our house. All the neighbors have fun taking bets on whether I'll fall off the ladder.


Starbucks is a special place for us. Great coffee and great conversation with my best friend.


Great Lakes Red is our favorite wine. Our local Meijers stocks it. Great for watching football games on television.