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Letter to my five-month old grandson about Brussels sprouts and baseball hats

A letter to my five-month-old grandson Miles about stuff


Me and my grandson Miles
Me and Miles talk about stuff.


Monday, Dec. 1, 2014

Dear Miles,

We first met within an hour or so after you were born in June.  I remember proudly holding you with a big smile and thinking "Wow."  This is Justin's son.  All the while your mom was laying in her hospital bed looking really tired, but showing a smile that was so bright that it lit up the room.

Then we saw you in August when we came to St. Louis with your Aunt Krista and Uncle Adam and your two cousins, Xavier and Gretchen.  I forgot to mention that we were all there in July too.  

It was a chance for all of us to become better acquainted with you.  Your uncle also baptized you at your house in a gown that I wore, as well as your dad and your aunt.  The day was a very special occasion.  

This past week when you and your folks came to our house for Thanksgiving was very special.  

You and I had plenty of chances to talk and to read books.  I saw you eat your first solid food.  You devoured it.  You also sat on Santa's lap for the first time.  

Boy, I think about all the adventures ahead of you and I smile.  You've been to the St. Louis Zoo, but you were napping in your stroller.  The next time, you will be able to watch the elephants, the lions and all the other animals.  I can see your wide-eyes now.

You need to know that you have a whole cadre of people who love you and who are there for you when you need them.  Your mom and dad are really special.  You have two grandmas and a great grandma.  And I'm your grandpa on your father's side who can explain how all that works.

As you grow, there's one person who is above everybody else and that's Jesus.  He need's to be your focus.  Ask your parents about him, as well as your extended family, including me.

I am sending this to your own email address.  I invite you to read these when you get older.  

We will talk more later.

You are a winner!

I love you,

Grandpa Thorp