A letter to my five-month-old grandson Miles about stuff
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Letter to my five-month old grandson about Brussels sprouts and baseball hats


Miles and food
Miles likes veggies


Dec. 1, 2014

Dear Miles,

It's Monday evening and I'm sitting at the kitchen table writing you a letter which you can read when you're older.  Grandma and I are still smiling from your visit last week for Thanksgiving and we are happy that you brought your parents along.

We had the excitement of watching you eat solid food for the first time when you were here.  You loved it.  You tried some vegetables, including squash in a squeeze tube.  You ate the whole thing.

A whole new world of tastes, smell and textures are opening up for you.  When your dad was your age, he loved vegetables of all types.  He loved almost all food.  However, he didn't like peanut butter or Cheerios.  

So, if you really like vegetables, you got some of that from him.  I'm not sure about your mom's food preferences.  


Brussels sprouts
These are the Brussels sprouts made by your mom on that Thanksgiving.

 I grew-up loving just about all vegetables, including red beets, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn and the list could go on.  But one vegetable I need to tell you about to make sure you try it is Brussels sprouts.  Put a little butter on them and it's like tasting pure heaven.

When your mom and dad lived in Washington, D.C., we visited for Thanksgiving and your mom made Brussels sprouts.  She can tell you how they were made, but they went 100 steps beyond delicious.  So, when you get old enough be sure to try them.  Let me know what you think.

About baseball caps, you, your dad and I were born with heads that are at the top of the size scale.  Not many hats fit him or me.  When I was in grade school I tried out for Little League where young guys played baseball.  I wanted the hat.

Every guy needs a baseball hat.  I can't wait to give you a Detroit Tigers cap.  Your dad and I have been to their games, as I'm sure you'll go with him to the St. Louis Cardinal games.  I can't wait to go with you.

Say hello to your cousins, Xavier and Gretchen.

You are a winner.


Grandpa Thorp