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Opening Christmas presents with family over Apple's FaceTime

My Christmas gift from my daughter and son-in-law from Bosnia rates high on the cool chart


My Christmas gift
This is one of my Christmas gifts from my daughter and son-in-law.

 My daughter and her family are visiting our house before they return to Bosnia where they work for an international development organization.  We opened gifts Christmas Day and I had to get a gift from them that tops the cool charts.  

During the Bosnian war which ended in 1995, combatants planted landmines through the countryside with many remaining live and undetected.  The result is that large stretches of land are laced with signs warning that crossing through could result in explosions.  

While traveling a local highway after a meeting a few villages away, my son-in-law stopped at a road side pull out where he could stretch his legs.  He looked down and found one of the warning signs laying in the snow.  It was highlighted by a high caliber bullet hole.

This is an amazing reminder of a war that left lots of damaged infrastructure and populations of people still trying to reconstruct their lives.  

Their organization is World Hope International which has development projects around the world.