My Christmas gift from my daughter and son-in-law from Bosnia rates high on the cool chart
Spending Christmas wrestling with our commode rather than our grandkids

Opening Christmas presents with family over Apple's FaceTime


Our family was together Christmas morning to open Christmas gifts. Our son, his wife and son were with us virtually over Apple's FaceTime.



We were all together on Christmas morning, my wife and me, my daughter, her husband, her son and her daughter, as well as our son and his wife who were at their home several states away.  We opened presents together and everybody had a great time watching the kids and each other as they compared notes and reactions.

We used Apple's Face Time, a tool to easily use webcams to bring people together.  We had done it before and we did it successfully this time.  

It's perfect for baby-boomer grandparents who have kids stretched throughout several states and countries.  We saw a newly-minted sixth month old grandson and the out of state portion of our family were able to catch up with a growing nephew and niece.

How much technical expertise does it take?  Minimal.  Click on a couple of buttons and you're on.  

Was it worth it?  Check the little face above.  We got to see him in real time.