Opening Christmas presents with family over Apple's FaceTime
This is how I want my grandkids to remember me

Spending Christmas wrestling with our commode rather than our grandkids


Ninja Turtles light up his eyes.
It was Ninja Turtles for our all boy four-year-old grandson.



How many of you have had the stomach flu this year?

In November, my wife and I were counting down the days till we could wrestle and play with two of our grandchildren because they return to their home in the Balkans where my daughter and son-in-law work for an international development agency, World Hope.  We had  stored up some really great food, some great snacks and some craft beer and special wine.

Then it happened.  On Tuesday night, I felt my supper returning to my throat and mouth for a do-over.  I got the chills and then I got weak and my stomach felt like it took a punch.

So, we had to scale back on eating and on real active play with our grandkids.  Their parents were our surrogates for that while we are recovering.

We experienced the love of Jesus Christ in a new way this year.  It was the strength of family relationships.  I hope my parents, my mother and father in their eternal niches and Gladys' parents could see how much God has blessed us with our family.  All their efforts to pay it forward have seen fruit.  

Here are just a few pictures of a very special Christmas.  Next year, we hope to do it without the stomach flu.


Our granddaughter has a special bond with Christmas cookies and her grandma.




Our granddaughter gives us this bird house which she painted.




We are really proud of these guys, our daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and grandson