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How are you or a loved one dealing with having glaucoma?


A picture of my eyes
My chronic open angle glaucoma is getting more complicated to deal with.


I'm happy that I didn't  have to have implant surgery on my right eye this morning.  The ophthalmoligist was going to implant a tube in that eye to help with draining fluid that raises the pressure in both eyes.  At the end of the tunnel, instead of finding light I could be staring at greatly reduced vision and blindness.

Late last week at a pre-op appointment, my eye pressure went down and the doctor suggested cancelling the surgery.  Meanwhile, I will go back more frequently for pressure checks.

My right eye and its problems have turned into an epic where there's drama with an imminent threat that arises for awhile and then hides behind the bushes.  

It all started with a diagnosis of cataracts at a younger age with surgery to replace my clouded over lenses with implants.  Seven years ago, one of those lenses fell inside my eye.  It had to be replaced and repositioned.  That was good for a few years and then it happened four more time.  In between, I had a retina detachment.

Now I'm facing the next chapter with one doctor saying that I had lost optic nerve and peripheral vision in the past year.  I've been to a variety of specialists who have tried to determine why the disease is worsening.

My challenge is decipering all the findings to determine what to do next.  I don't have one ophthalmologist who helps as a quarterback to lead me through the minefield of potential problems, as well as opportunities.

How about others with glaucoma, especially baby-boomers, especially those with more complications from the disease?  Are you left to figure out complicated diagnoses and treatments from a variety of sources by yourself?