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Casey Neistat has opened my eyes to the possibilities of one person film-making where one point is made

I love watching YouTube videos and video clips, especially those which tell a story.  I've played with two different Flip video cameras, the video camera on my iPhone and the video on my point and shoot camera.

I've amassed hundreds of video clips, everything from my youngest grandson's first cry as I listened through the door of the delivery room and my oldest grandson when I held him for the first time within an hour of when he was born and he wailed.

But, I've never used the video to tell a story.  Then I ran across Casey Neistat on YouTube where I watched at least a hundred of his online videos where he uses the medium to tell stories about his everyday life experiences.

Watching his video is like eating potato chips.  It's hard to stop watching.  He appears to have hundreds online.  When I finish one, I'm anxious to see one more and learn about him and what he does and how he does it.

I never realized what Snapchat was until I watched about 50 of his Snaps.  What a great way for people to communicate.

Am I willing to do the work to learn more and up my video game to tell a story?  Yeah, I want to try.

Check Casey out on You Tube.