Take a minute and think about your eyesight
Unlike Zeek Braverman on Parenthood, I'm not our family patriarch, but the "Grand Dude"

Dislocated lens note: I saw two of Pastor Jeff Manion in church today


An iPhone picture of the opening of the service at Ada (MI) Bible Church.
This is the pastor who opened the service before Jeff Manion spoke at Ada Bible Church. Yes, I saw two of him also.

It happened again today in church where I saw two of the pastor as he was giving his sermon.  Pastor Jeff Manion of Ada Bible Church was teaching about the Five Days of Jesus as he was approaching Jerusalem during Holy Week and I saw two of his images.

It wasn't a twin brother and it wasn't an angel, I don't think.  It was the dislocated lens in my right eye that has come lose on one side.  This time it's producing doubles in the church setting with one image on top of the other.  

My eye and vision journey continues with this lens in my right eye having been dislocated several times.  It required surgery each time.

Along the way, I have acquired glaucoma and have had a retinal detachment.  

In the mornings, my dislocated lens moves and makes reading very difficult.  After a period of time, it adjusts.

However, one of my ophthalmologists on Friday said, I am not going blind.  However, he said my vision will be challenged from time to time.