Watch this short film clip from Ada Bible Church sermon about five of the last days of Jesus
This guy is going to spend the weekend at our house and he's bringing his parents

How can I use my iPhone5 and my point and shoot to tell stories?

My temptation is to say, "yeah, Casey Neistat is a pretty young guy who can use iPhone video to effectively tell a story.  And I am getting closer to crossing over to 70.  How much can I learn?"

I thrive on hearing stories and learning about other people.  I enjoy hearing them directly from other people and I love reading them.  And, I also feel that I have a few stories inside of me and some which are still happening.

I really need to kick the can down the road on this one with the visit of my grandson and his parents this weekend.  Miles is eight months old and I was just outside the delivery room door when he was born.  There have to be lots of little stories that can be told about their visit using words and visuals, both still and video.

Here's a couple of thought provoking YouTube videos from filmmaker Neistat that I viewed this morning.  They are helpful.