This guy is going to spend the weekend at our house and he's bringing his parents
I skipped out on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy last night to witness part of Jesus' trip to Jerusalem

I will have at least one six pack of Founders Dirty Bastard Ale when my son comes this weekend


Scotch ale
The words Dirty Bastard take on a new meaning with this beer from Founders

When I became of age, fancy beer-drinking was having a Shlitz in a frosted mug.  Then there was the Miller's beer that came in a clear bottle.

My thirty-year-old son introduced me to craft beer this summer in St. Louis when his son was born and we stayed there a week.  He took me to the Urban Chestnut beer hall where they served me their Schnickelfrtz and visited Schafly's not too far away.  Later we made a return visit with my son-in-law.  I really picked up on the difference in tastes.

My son and his family are coming this weekend and I'm stocking up with some Michigan craft beer.  First choice is Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale.  

I'm not good as describing tastes, but it's has a personality and a flavor that speaks to me.  He and I drank it when he and the fan visited over Thanksgiving.  

What other Michigan craft beers should I stock up with before they come on Friday?