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Our weekend guests, grandson Miles and his dad and mother are getting ready to hit the road



Father and son, the apple tree and the apple.
Our grandson Miles and his best bud, our son Justin and mom Lauren are getting ready to head out to Michigan.


If you drive by our house this weekend, it will be the one that the sun is shining specially bright on and  that is smiling big time because of the visit of three special people, our youngest grandson Miles, his dad Justin and mom Lauren.  They will be here for the weekend.

Miles is eight months old.  He's smiley, chatty and has really bright eyes.  I can't wait to see him, spend some time reading, talking, playing on the floor and eating together.  

I remember countless experiences when his dad was that age and grew into toddlerhood.  One involves socks and where you take them off.  When he was a toddler and while we were eating supper around a circular table, I took my socks off and left them under the table.  I did that most days.  

One night after supper, we moved into the living room, Justin sat down, took his socks off and ambled into the kitchen and with socks in hand, he put them under the table.  Like father, like son.  What will Miles learn from his dad?  Will he pick up habits because he saw his dad doing them?

They should be here around suppertime, I guess.